Building on my experience as a lifelong youth advocate and graduate of Revere schools, I will be a champion for our City’s public schools and our young people. Revere youth must have the resources and spaces, both in and out of school, to thrive, lead and help our city grow.


As a City Councillor, I will continue to push for increased youth leadership opportunities and youth centered spaces, like I did at Revere Youth in Action, a youth group I co-founded in 2012. I will work to make sure that our public schools, educators, and youth organizations have the resources and facilities they need for all our young people to succeed.


As a City we need our values to drive our economic development. Revere will need to have a clear vision for choosing how we move forward as we grow. 


Small Local Businesses

Growing up working in my family’s convenience store in the North Shore I learned firsthand about the struggles and successes of small business. A major key to revitalization efforts in Revere must be local businesses and I will do all I can to support, promote and position them for success. Family owned businesses like those on Shirley Avenue, Broadway and Beachmont will be especially important, and I will continue to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of our immigrant families.


Family Sustaining Wages

Fair, livable and family sustaining wages strengthen cities and communities. I fought hard to raise the State’s minimum wage, mobilizing Revere youth to educate and advocate for the cause as part of the Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition. We must continue to fight for livable wages and reduce income inequality in our communities. 


A Food Based Economy

In Revere we know about food, how to cook it, how to eat it and how to share it with friends and neighbors. A locally food based economy can be a major part of revitalizing Revere. Promoting our outstanding diverse local markets, restaurants, and festivals, as well as creating a food innovation district and spaces for locally owned food trucks has the potential to make us a food destination and to grow our economy. 


Fair and Innovative Transit Centered Development

Revere is lucky to be connected by public transit to Boston and surrounding areas by the Blue Line and MBTA buses. Development centered around MBTA train stations draws people to local businesses and attracts new residents, but it needs to be done the right way. I will fight for development that works for everyone from our local businesses to our residents, and that creates good paying jobs. Development should always benefit the many and not the few, and should never result in the displacement of those who’ve built the community from the ground up. 


With my public health background in HIV/AIDS prevention and youth work, ensuring and increasing our community’s health and well-being is central to my campaign. 

Healthy Community Spaces

From community playgrounds, to community gardens, and a farmer’s market, Revere is getting outside, getting moving and building community. And that has been part of my work at City Hall. We need to continue to increase access to local, affordable, and nutritious food for all residents, and keep our neighborhoods, parks and public spaces jumping with healthy activities for residents of all ages and abilities.  Deepening our connection with important natural resources like Revere Beach is an important part of keeping both our community and our environment healthy.  

Revere’s Opioid Epidemic

Our city has been working hard to curb the epidemic. Those in the recovery community, affected families, and public health advocates have successfully shifted the opioid crisis conversation away from criminalization and towards compassion and care. As an advocate of this shift, I will support evidence-based public health approaches including harm reduction and treatment initiatives and quality mental health care. I will also work for increased resources to help with the opioid epidemic. We all have family members or friends suffering and must continue to be unified in building pathways to recovery, from public health to public safety. 


One Revere is a vision for a city unified in our revitalization efforts, taking care of each other and growing stronger together. It is about making sure all of our residents have access to basic safety and services and are supported in working towards their fair share of our City’s success. It values community building over divisive politics. I believe City Hall and our local democracy should reflect the best of all of us and our most important community values. This is what I what I mean by One Revere, and why I am running for City Council. 

LGBTQ Rights

One of the things I have always valued about Revere is its diversity, and the LGBTQ community are important and valued members of the Revere community. As a Revere High School student in the 1990s, I was part of founding the Gay Straight Alliance and I remain to this day a relentless advocate for queer young people in both my work and personal life.

Immigrants Rights

My parents, like many immigrant parents before them, bought their first home in Revere, the home where my family still lives today.  My family worked hard and made a better life.  Our success drove me to want the same for other immigrant families in Revere and I became a community organizer. But sadly today some want to view immigrants and refugees as enemies and not as neighbors. This tears at the fabric of our community and Revere’s history of welcoming immigrants from places as far and wide as Ireland, Morocco, Italy, Cambodia, Brazil, and Central America. As a Councillor I will work to ensure that every resident feels safe accessing city services and can participate actively in the community.